Monday, March 30, 2009

New teen drivers

Well it's happened. She got her learners permit, and of course who gets to bravely sacrifice his car and sanity so she can apply her newly gained skills? Well actually she hasn't gained any skills because she's never been out there, so she can hopefully develop some skills and gain experience. Unfortunately the only way to gain experience is for something to happen. That person got to be me. Yes another Man thing, take the kid out and try to impart your years of driving wisdom, not while she's safely in the house, no, while she's barreling at what seems to be warp speed towards a herd of cars with no signs that she intends to slow down, or that she even needs to. This is when you realize that stomping your foot where your secondary brake pedal should be... does absolutely no good!

Well we've gotten through most of that with no actual mishaps, so I thought

I could breathe easy. WRONG! This was when things went bad. The most innocent of things. She went through the fastfood drive thru. Any guesses at this point or do I have to relive the whole thing. Okay, so we stopped and gave our order at the magic speaker. So far so good. Then she began to pull forward to the next window. See the speaker is in the middle of a curve as you turn towards the window. Apparently she kept turning as the turn straightened. Those nice little cement posts... They aren't good for cars. Yes she managed to run the entire back door and fender along that nice little post, then backed up and did it again. Insert invectives here. Or cuss words for short.

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Are these considered stretch marks for guys