Monday, March 30, 2009

Barbecue, problem with fires.

Ahhh spring. Time for flowers, trees in bloom, young love.............
NO! It's time to breakout the barbecue, pour out them briquets, drown em in lighter fluid and let the fireballs begin. Or if your like me it's time to find out how much gas ya got left in the tank. And find those last two hotdogs that no one ate last year.
Have you gone out to fire up the bbq and not seemed to have any gas to the burners? Maybe it just seems to not get as hot even though the gas is definately on. OR even worse you crank it up then go inside to let it warm up, only to come out to find a raging fire outside the barbecue. Try checking the pipes for spiderwebs. Yep, I took mine apart only to find spiderwebs and eggsacs clogging up the pipe. Luckily this was a lot easier and cheaper than a now bbq or a new burner.
So flame on fellow cooks, don your apron apparel and flip those burgers.

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