Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Barbecue, it's what's for dinner

There seems to be no question as to if we'll barbecue... but what to barbecue. If you're like me the same old burgers and hotdogs doesn't quite seem to fit the season, not yet anyway. It's still a little too cold for that. I came across a display of beef brisquette at the supermarket though, they don't have to be just for St Patty's anymore. So I decided to try it. Now we all know how to barbecue, ya crank up the flames and charbroil everything in sight. But that doesn't seem to work for thicker meats, ya end up with charcoal on the outside and raw on the inside. So what is the trick?

Well first you leave yourself at least 2-3 hours cooking time. Then, you keep the burners on low, very low. If your barbecue is like mine you might have to only turn one burner on to keep it low enough. Then just set the meat to the side where the burner is off, or on a the higher grill if equipped. After that its just a matter of turning the meat on occasion and making sure the gas doesn't run out. Oh and don't forget to add the barbecue sauce 15-20 minutes before it's finished.

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